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KBBConnect® is brilliantly simple. A FREE online quoting and ordering facility for the whole industry to use! With thousands of companies already enjoying all the benefits this fantastic system can offer, start quoting today for free and see how easy and accurate you quotations will become, KBBConnect® literally connects the retailer to all the supplier catalogues in an instant online. And as the supplier data is fed live, it is always accurate. Which also means, your quotes are accurate too.
With thousands of retailers already enjoying the freedom online, isn’t it time you enjoyed it too?

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Quote and order all KBB products from one website using live supplier data for free.


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  • Freedom from software investment and maintenance costs
  • Freedom from out-of-date pricing
  • Freedom from laborious order paperwork
  • Freedom from paper catalogue reliance
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Sell to thousands of retailers at the point of quoting and receive accurate orders directly into your ordering process.

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  • Freedom to access thousands of retailers with your products
  • Freedom from order data re-entry
  • Freedom from out-of-date pricing and order errors
  • Freedom from delays getting promotions to retailers
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Want to know more? Call us!
Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Suppliers call:
01344 878 115